Demo Submission

Demo Submission/Presentación de demo

1. We publish any metal genre and non-metal (Dark Ambient, Drone, Space Ambient, Industrial and similar genres) with a review in Spanish.

1. You must send us the link of your record release and provide a front cover, logo or art work of your release, provide basic information.
  • a) You can upload also in, bandcamp or if you have a website and from there it can download, provide us the link.
  • b) If you decide to use then please put the whole album in one file and may last longer.
2. Provide links of your site: Myspace, Blogspot, YouTube, Wordpress, Facebook, Tumblr or any site related with your work, band or project.
3. The release must be "full", no samples.

1. Probably we'll write our opinion on your release, our review would be in Spanish.
2. Send your stuff to all of these e-mails, for the sake of convenience put as the subject "Demo Submission":